Biomass power plants

The European project BIOCOMBUST is working with industry partners from the Alsace and Baden-Württemberg. The municipalities provide for scientific research their industrial biomass combustion systems for collecting samples.

The partners are the operators of the following combustion plants:

1) Mulhouse Agglomération Alsace  (power plant l'Illberg and Rixheim)
2) Société Colmarienne de Chauffage Urbain (power plant Colmar)
3) EBM Thermique SAS (Saint Louis)
4) Mairie d'Ammertzwiller (Chaufferie d'Ammertzwiller)
5) Bürger Energie St. Peter e. G. (power plant St. Peter)
6) badenova AG & Co. KG (power plant Vauban, Freiburg i.Br.)